Time for an update on the fishing action, can't believe it's been a month since my last report. Walleye action for the most part has been on the slow side, but in recent days it has picked up and some nice fish are being caught. No certain pattern to speak of, two of the last three days have had very good action from deep rocks and boulders, 12 to 17 ft seemed to be the magic depth. Talked to some other anglers out there who have been doing fairly good and they have been getting some decent eyes in 10 to 14 foot over submerged wood, it's a day by day challenge, one day good and the next day not good, but at least the bite is improving and so is the size, bigger fish starting to show up again. Not sure what other anglers are rigged with, but we have been using Invasion jigs tipped with large fatheads. Crappies remain very active in and around deep wood, cribs, vertical jigging with light jigs tipped with soft plastics have been the most productive, Mr Crappie plastics in different styles has been our main go to when the crappie are a little slow, but are real killers when they are active. As the water temps continue to drop, the fishing action is only going to get better.

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