After taking a week off for boat maintenance, a thorough cleaning and reorganizing of things, Mike drove in from Philly last nite looking to score the first musky of his newly acquired obsession. After 3 hours and only 1 pike sighting, Mike finally had a nice, ‘lukewarm’ low-40’s fish come in but he could not get her to make the first turn. So, after 2 more hours of washing lures, Mike thinks he hooks a bass or something and notices slack building in his line. Unfortunately, the musky ate his bait and kept swimming towards the boat. Since this was Mike’s first musky hook-up, he wasn’t sure what was happening. As Mike finally gets his line tightened, and manages a very tardy hookset, the fish immediately explodes into the air with some powerful head-shaking and Olympic level acrobatics. When she finally landed, the lure popped out and Mike almost vomited. Talk about a mixture of emotions.

It was easily the largest fish we have hooked-up this year. The irony of the whole thing is we were 20 feet from the exact spot I caught my first musky back in 2/94. I had just finished telling him my story and now he has a similar story about the same area. (I mentioned that I liked my story a little better. This sport can tear your apart sometimes.

Anyway, a couple positives from today: I cannot believe how much I like my new Terrova trolling motor. Muuuuuuuch quieter and smoother than my last model from 2016. The new GPS puck system has much more accurate trail lines and spot lock. The lift-assist feature is making this 51 year old very happy. Also, the rules of my boat clearly state that if you hook or catch your FIRST musky with me, you get to keep that particular bait......Even though Mike did not land his fish, he still got to take the Musky Bomb home with him.

No more fishing until next week and I am not sure about exact dates.....still working them out.

Stay tuned and good luck!