After a decent amount of cool rain muddied-up some the local tributaries, we decided to chase the stained water hoping Chris could stick his first musky. Early into the trip, the thick fog and lack of shallow baitfish was a definite indicator of cooling water temps. We hardly saw any surface action but did see plenty of floating debris in the form of weeds/grass. Getting a clean cast was happening about 70% of the time which wasn’t much help at all but I still felt it was a good decision since the ultra low clear water North of Warren had not been producing much musky action recently. As far as we could tell, we did not “move” any muskies whatsoever. We hardly saw any baitfish either.

No local fishing for me until next week. I may finally get out for some fun fishing of my own on Chautauqua provided the surface temps remain under 80 degrees.

Stay tuned and good luck!