Well, we completely changed locations for todayís musky challenge. We hunted the most stained water we could find trying to overcome the slow-ish bite, the baitfish buffet and mild cooling front that was passing thru. Once again, I decided to throw bass sized baits while Ronnie and Travis went beefy. 3 hours into the 5.5 hour day, Ronnie had a tight fish at boatside but didnít see it because of the stained water and sun glare after his only fig-8. We went back on her 20 minutes later from a different angle but no dice. It was the lone Esox sighting of the day. I did not even catch a fish, period.

Water temps dropped a few degrees and checked out at 70.3 south of Warren. Tomorrow will be another bend-a-rod day with a former Edinboro wrestler and his family.

Stay tuned and good luck!