We did a shortened morning musky session which only lasted 3.5 hours. Manny did not hook up but his 17 yr. old nephew hooked his first one but he lost it before we could get a good length estimate. Visibility was only 2 feet as a result of last nite’s rain which made me very happy.

I decided to fish with my guys since they asked me to join. At around 8:30, I had just finished my blind fig-8 and pulled the lure from the water and left it hanging about 2 feet above the surface when another musky went airborne and tried to eat it. Of course, I was chatting with my crew and did not even see it but Manny said it was very close to grabbing the tail. It had been a few years since the last time this exact thing happened.

The water is stained and becoming more stained as we speak depending on location. Without the sun beating down, the temps ranged between 72 and 66.

No fishing for me again this weekend but will do 3 days next week before my boat goes Weigel’s. It is time for my yearly tune-up and service work. I used to try and cut corners with yearly maintenance but ever since I got serious about it, I have not had a break down in 7 years. (In my world, 7 years equals about 750 engine hours.).

I would normally be on day #6 of chasing muskies on LSC but since CN is closed down, we decided to stay put.

Stay safe and good luck!