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Thread: 7/15 Bass Hunt

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    Another lethargic performance from our local bass population. We landed 2 bass in 4.5 hours of fishing and only 2-3 lost fish. We had planned to chase smaller fish for 2 days then chase muskies today given the weather change coming thru. Well, Jerry decides to catch his first musky on bass tackle so he could finally scratch it off his bucket list. With the monkey off my back, we will be able to relax a little today as we actually target muskies this morning. Larry, Jerry’s partner in crime, has already caught a musky or two in his day and is simply looking to upgrade his largest musky to date.

    Good luck and stay tuned!
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    Experiencing the same kind of things down river. I've been up at camp all week. Bass are very lethargic. Haven't seen an esox of any kind and I have put in some serious effort. I am not sure I have ever seen the amount of baitfish as I am seeing. Minnows are everywhere and in all sizes. The fish I have caught, (few bass and 2 walleye) have been extremely fat. A bass this morning was spitting up crawfish mid fight. I'll keep plugging away all week.

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