Day 2 of the Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. Show was a little tougher than the previous day with only 9 bass and 1 pike and 1 nice walleye making it to the net in 5.5 hours of fishing. We had another 4-6 bass coming unhooked and 1 lost pike. Tom Jr. somehow managed to hook a big turtle in the foot with light line and the fight was on. After a few minutes of us thinking it was a big walleye because “the fish” was staying down. We managed to get it to the boat and I quickly unhooked it without touching the turtle. It was the 3rd turtle we have caught since 1993. (The other 2 were actually caught in the mouth while slow trolling for muskies during late-Fall.)

No fishing for me this weekend as preparation begins for 5 days of fishing next week. We finally have a different weather pattern moving thru the area and air temps have cooled some. And, as usual for this time of year, there are piles of small minnows behind every big boulder making things more difficult.

Have a nice weekend and stay tuned!