Going into yesterday’s river trip, we had netted muskies on 3 consecutive river trips and hoping to make it a 4th. That did not happen but not by much. Justin (who was looking for his first musky of his career) had a hot boatside fish miss the head of his bait so he quickly changed directions to initiate a fig-8. In the process, his rod tip hit the fish in the back and that was the end if the story. The fish came from a weird direction and Justin simply had not practiced that scenario.

We had 2 more follows, 1 being a very nice pike possibly in the 40” range and an upper-30’s musky. Low clear water, bright sun and zero wind had us only fishing 6 hours before quitting at noon.

No fishing today but doing a 6-hour musky trip on Thursday before taking some time off over the holiday. Good luck and stay tuned!