Fishing action the past two weeks has been decent to very good, all depending on weather conditions as always. Walleyes are still active in the shallow water, wind blown shorelines, cabbage patches, and we have been picking some up in the deep wood and boulders. Invasion jigs tipped with 1/2 crawlers have been the main choice, 1/16th ounce in the shallows and 1/8th ounce in deeper water. slower the retrieve the best choice unless your in the shallow wood or brush piles where you have to pick up the pace some. Big perch and bluegills are still on a good bite as are the smallies and pike. Gills can be found near shoreline wood, lily pads, and pencil weeds, perch are still relating to wood, both shallow and deep, smallies are scattered and pike are everywhere, (Pests)

Few days off then back at it.

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