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Thread: The Time is Near! (maybe?)

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    Default The Time is Near! (maybe?)

    Well, itís almost that time again! Iíll be up at the angle staying at Frankís from June 25-July 2. Iím keeping a close eye on the border restrictions and travel, but hoping all will be good by then.

    Bass fishing has been great as of recent down here, but Iím ready for some musky action!
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    Hey man,just heard about your post.Good on you!Hope Frank and Laura are booked solid and the border opens by then.
    Hard to find a better place than LOTWs for world class social distancing!Good fishing to all!

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    Hey! Good to hear from you and thanks for the good vibes. Agreed that Frankís is the best. With the recent border closure extension, Iíll be cutting it close. Thankfully, Iím not scheduled to fly out until after 6/21.

    Either way it looks like Iím going to have to continue to keep a close eye on this one! Iím not sure Iím cut out for Minnesota open water basin fishing out in Muskeg Bay, especially with my Tracker TV-17...

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    Hi.Yeh scheduling is a mess for everyone involved.Glad you have til after 6/21 to finalize flight issues.Sadly I get more pessimistic about that date the more I hear.Frustrating!Stay well!

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    The border reports sure arenít clarifying anything yet! However, Iíll keep my hopes up and head down bass fishing and hope for the best in the interim!
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    Well, the news broke today and theyíre extending the closure another 30 days. That means my trip wonít be happening in 2020

    Good news is that Iíve got my trip already booked for 2021! Good luck to everyone this season and be safe!

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    Too bad they've extended the closure. I hope 2021 would be much better than this year. Now I'm simply reading articles about travelling and fishing, on resources like this here ( https://valleyproud.org/ ). Some authors on that website explain a lot of interesting stuff about fishing I didn't know before.
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