Jim Kohl and his wife Nancy are seasonal campers here at Oak Haven. Jim told me last spring that he was going to catch a large Musky. The monster he landed on 8-30-19 was 52 inches long, with an amazing girth of 28 inches. Nice work Jim! A beautiful fish. Our second place Musky was 35 1/2 inches and was landed by James Stewart on 8-23-19. (See pictures in our photo gallery.)

Our top ten Crappies all came in between 14 inches and 14 5/8 inches. Most of those were caught in the late fall. Don Weaver's 14 5/8 inch Crappie won our Big Crappie contest for 2019. That fish also places 6th on our all time (12 years) top ten. My wife Debbie and I don't normally get our names in this contest, but I have to give her credit for the 14 3/8 inch Crappie that she landed on 8-14-19. We were just getting the pontoon anchored in a spot I picked out for the Kids Pontoon Fishing Trip, and she had it in the boat before I tied the rope! Her fish finished 2nd in our 2019 Big Crappie Contest. We had a 4-way tie at 14 1/4 inches. Don Weaver caught five of the top ten, Mark Woldruff caught three of the top ten. Nice Crappies eh! (Measured with the mouth closed and the tail squeezed.)

Larry Larsen is a seasonal camper here at Oak Haven. His son Keven and grandson Tate Larsen were here in late September. Tate landed a 26 1/2 inch Walleye and is our big Walleye Champion for 2019. Tate also landed a 24 1/2 inch Walleye, which finished 7th in this years contest. Our second place Walleye was landed by Linda Miller back in June. Good job Linda! The rest of our top ten were 24 inches or longer.

Our top ten Largemouth Bass for 2019 were all 18 1/4 inches to 19 3/4 inches. We have a tie for the Big Bass Champion between Dan Tyo and Ryan Haywood at 19 3/4 inches. Rick Martens and Reed Hoeppner tied at 19 inches. Brad Hoeppner and Willie Evans tied at 18 7/8 inches. Again, please remember, we close the mouth when measuring these fish. That surely takes away length from all fish, especially Bass and Crappies. We do this for accuracy. Adults and kids, men and women enjoy this contest.

The 2019 Northern Pike winner this year is Tony Covington. He landed a nice 34 1/2 incher in early September. Oak Haven seasonal camper Jay Raimann was second at 34 inches. (By the way, we have ONE of our 14 seasonal campsites available for 2020 as of today.) Dan Tyo landed a 32 1/2 inch Pike. Kari Aufrere finished 4th in our Pike contest with the 32 incher she landed in July. There's a slot size here on Pike...all 22-26 inchers must be released. This will surely help us see more and more Pike over 26 inches.

Linda Tyo is our Giant Perch Champion for 2019. She landed a 12 3/8 incher in August. We had a 3-way tie at 12 1/8 inches between Greg Edwards, Tate Larsen and Jacob Leytem. Then we had a 3-way tie at 12 inches between Tim Hines, Tate Larsen and Jeff Sager.

Tony Covington not only won the Pike Contest....he's also our 2019 Big Bluegill Champion. Tony landed a 10 inch Bluegill in early September. We had a 3-way tie at 9 7/8 inches between Owen Brummer, Steve Blakstad and Shane Leytem. Then we had a 4-way tie at 9 3/4 inches between Owen Brummer(2), Dan McNamara and Gary Morris. Nice gills!

The Giant Rock Bass Championship ended in a tie between Claire Fiala and Jacob Leytem. They each landed an 11 3/8 inch Rocky. Right behind them was Scott Tyo and Myron Knepp at 11 1/4 inches. Then we had a 3-way tie at 11 inches between Ella Juergens, Willie Evans and Shane Leytem.

We had a close battle for the 2019 Giant Bullhead Championship. In the end, Jackie Brenke held on to win with the 13 5/8 incher she landed in June. Jackie's fish narrowly edged Shane Leytem's 13 1/2 incher. We had a tie at 13 1/4 inches between Andrea Wagler and Myron Knepp.

Maritta Babbitt ended the season by winning our Giant Bowfin/Dogfish contest when she landed a 28 incher in September. Devyn Hauser finished second at 24 inches. George Carlsen was third with his 18 incher.

Our Fishing Contest is for fun. It's not for money. But we take it serious and we measure fish carefully. Adults and kids, men and women enjoy our fishing contest. Come to Oak Haven and see if you can get your name on next years chart!

As many of you know, the spring Walleye spawn happens right off the end of our docks. We always enjoy great Walleye fishing opening week and our cabins are always booked that week. But we always have cabins available right after opening week (in late May) and Walleye fishing is great. Want to get away? Call me.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy your holiday season.