We targeted a little bit of everything on Saturday while Sunday was spent hunting mostly muskies/pike. Talk about completely different different conditions from one day to the next............Saturday was a pretty good day hunting smallies but we only caught 1 toothy and no other sightings after spending 3 hours chasing them. The trout and walleye were elusive for us so we switched gears around noon and netted a pile of nice bass. As we were coming off the water Saturday, I noticed lots of logs and leaves washing downriver which meant the Corps was opening the discharge gates.

Sunday was another tough Esox hunt with nothing to show for our efforts. Water temps are still higher than normal and lots of food still spending time in the shallows during midday. It has been very inconsistent for the past 2 months regardless of the species but it appears a more seasonal weather pattern is here to stay.

Water temps are around 55.

Good Luck and stay tuned!