The summer here at Oak Haven produced some nice fish. Jim Kohl landed a sweet 52 inch Muskie that had a girth of 28 inches. Jim and his wife Nancy are seasonal campers here at Oak Haven. Jim landed and released that fish on August 30th, 2019. See pictures on our Oak Haven Facebook Page. Jim's fish topped the 35 1/2 inch Musky that was caught by James Stewart on 8-23-19.

Our big Pike so far this year was landed on 9-8-19 by Tony Covington. His Pike measured 34 1/2 inches. That topped the 34 inch Pike that was landed on 7-15-19 by Oak Haven seasonal camper Jay Raimann. Dan Tyo landed his 32 1/2 incher on 8-16-19. Kari Aufrere landed her 32 incher on 7-2-19. Next in line are Tony Covington (31 inches, caught 9-9-19)...Mike Vant' Sant (30 inches, caught 7-31-19). Willie Evans landed a 29 1/4 inch Pike on 9-10-19.

Our six biggest Walleyes for 2019 were all caught in June. Austin Puetz landed our 7th biggest, a 24 1/4 incher landed on 9-10-19. Jay Raimann added a top ten Walleye. His 24 incher was caught on 7-15-19.

Largemouth Bass fishing has again been good. Dan Tyo is the leader. He landed and released a 19 3/4 incher on 8-11-19. Rick Martens landed a 19 incher on 9-10-19. Brad Hoeppner's 18 7/8 inch Bass has him currently in 5th place. Rick Martens also had a 18 1/2 incher, landed on 9-10-19. Michelle Wisbey is currently in 9th place with the 18 1/4 inch Bass she landed on 7-29-19.

I normally don't use my fish, or Debbie's fish in our fishing contest. However, on a kids pontoon fishing trip (8-14-19), Debbie pulled in a 14 3/8 inch Crappie as soon as we arrived! That fish is still our first place Crappie for 2019! Our other top ten Crappies were all caught in June.

Our big Rock Bass for 2019 is 11 3/8 inches and was caught on 7-5-19 by seasonal camper Claire Fiala. On 8-14-19 Scott Tyo barely missed when he brought in an 11 1/4 inch Rock Bass. Ella Juergens landed an 11 inch Rock Bass on 7-19-19, currently in 5th place.

August produced two of our four biggest Perch for 2019. Linda Tyo's 12 3/8 incher is on top. Willie Evans landed an 11 7/8 incher and is in 4th place. Late September produced some of our biggest Perch ever in 2018. We will have to wait and see if the same guys can do it again late this month.

In the Bluegill/Sunfish/Pumpkinseed category...Tony Covington caught our first true ten incher on 9-10-2019. There's a 3-way tie at 9 7/8...and a 4-way tie at 9 3/4. Owen Brummer landed three of those seven fish on August 21 and 22.

Our five biggest Bullhead were all caught in June. Jackie Brenke remains the leader. And we have a new leader in the Bowfin category...reports are Maritta Babbitt, a seasonal camper here at Oak Haven, landed a 28 incher yesterday, 9-15-19. Anxious to see pictures!

People have fun with our Fishing Contest. Thanks!

Our Final Fishing Contest results for 2019 will likely be posted in October. Stay tuned!