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    We decided to move our musky hunt from Friday nite to Saturday morning based on the lack of previous nighttime action. It appears to have been a favorable decision as we moved 3 smallish fish, lost a nice fish and lost a giant walleye on the 3rd cast. The walleye ate a 12” Medussa just before 6am but I thought it was a decent sized musky so I am trying to get the rod handed off but Pat changed his mind. So, I get a tight line and begin wallowing him across the surface but still too dark to tell what he is until I get him to boatside. Wow. If I had to guess, 33-35 inches and 14-15 pounds......conservatively.

    My bait was the size of his head!

    We will be chasing walleye tomorrow. Hopefully, the tributaries aren’t too muddy after the gullywasher we had here tonight.

    Good luck and stay tuned.
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    Ugh, thats too bad. Love hearing stories of big by-catch from the river. I fish western Erie quite a bit but my two longest walleye are from the river. One on an 11" suick and one on a crane bait, both fish trophies and both while musky chasing. hah

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