We launched the boat at 6 and were fishing by 6:20 hoping the cold front would not affect the river that much. After a slow first hour, we picked up a few small bass and lost a few fish after a headshake or two while changing locations a few times. Around 8, things turned on for a short window but we just could not keep a couple big walleye buttoned up and lost them. Mike and Dave both were broken/bitten off by 2 big fish shortly thereafter. We were excited since it wasn’t even dark yet so we traveled to an area that typically holds some of the largest summer walleye that I have been able to find. We saved this spot for last for a reason. We combed it thoroughly during 4 different drifts and lost a small walleye around 10:30. We decided to spot hop for the last hour hoping to find some active fish.....no such luck. So, we wrapped it up around 11:15.

We noticed how quiet things were along the river. The animals and the fish seemed to be taking the night off. Short-striking fish are a common symptom of cold front behavior and we saw that firsthand.

No fishing this weekend as the national canoe/kayak championships are here in Warren. I will be doing a nite walleye/musky hunt on Monday nite so hopefully things perk back up.

Stay tuned and good luck!