We launched the boat a little earlier than normal with the hopes of getting a trout or two before the sun got high in the sky......plus, the low, clear water can really make for some tough summer trout fishing. We managed to hook 4 trout in the 71.4 degree water and only get a 20.5 in the net. The largest brown was lost by Mike after 2 quick jumps. The sun became a big factor around 9 and we couldn’t get another brown to eat so we changed gears and headed towards our walleye spots. As we drove back thru Warren we noticed a huge amount of fresh muddy water spewing into the river via Conewango Creek. We ran about 4 miles in order to get ahead of the mud so we could get a few walleye but no luck. After 4 hours of tough walleye fishing, the mud finally caught us so we quit. Several accidental smallmouth were caught during our trip and a 17.5 was the largest.

I sure feel badly for the fisherman who are coming to town this weekend because the river is a mess. No more river fishing for me until next week.

Good luck and stay tuned!