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Thread: 7/11 and 7/12 Musky Hunt

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    Default 7/11 and 7/12 Musky Hunt

    For 5 hours on Thursday, we chased muskies with some newbies to the sport and only had 1 follow but it she was a big fish. We had a fig-8 learning curve to work thru after that encounter.

    Today was an 8-hour lure washing exercise with 2 smallish pike to show for it. Water is still stained but fishable and temps are around 69. Zero musky sightings today. I am still waiting for the summer peak bite to show a little love for my boat....the water temps say it is time.

    Taking the weekend off but planning to fish all 5 days next week while chasing various species around the river.

    Good luck and stay tuned.
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    SOunds about like my trip on Friday. Finally got a chance to get some fishing in and had to deal with classic cold front. Had one fish eat on first turn of 8 and I was lucky enough to pull the fly right back out of its mouth. Only fish I saw all day. Overall, I'd say that was a good day for me considering both my outboard and fish finder decided to crap out on me from the get go. Nothing like doing some "old school" fishing. LOL

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