Myself, Andy and Tim hit the water on Saturday trying to “limit out” by entering our 3 largest muskies of the day against a field of 140 fishermen. Well, we were not even able to enter 1 fish because we got skunked. The areas we chose to fish on the South end of the lake were very stingy to say the least.

Congrats to all the guys who caught fish! I will post the official results as soon as I get them....(I do know that Frank (tootyfishman) Alcorn took the top spot.) I skipped the “weigh-ins” in order to get home to see my daughter before she heads to PSU basketball camp this morning. There were some very nice fish caught by the guys in the North end of the lake.

I have a few days off coming up as Summer vacation enters day #4 for me.

Good luck and Stay tuned!