After opening May 11th, we are now 39 days into the 2019 season. The Walleye fishing has been the best we've seen in our 12 years here as resort owners. Please look at the pictures we post on our Oak Haven Facebook page. (Thanks!)

In our Annual Oak Haven Fishing Contest...our top ten Walleyes for 2019 so far are 23 to 26 inches. Our leader is Linda Miller. There's a tie for 2nd at 24 3/4 inches between Lynn Wagler and Larry Knepp. Fourth place is 24 1/8 inches, also caught by Larry Knepp. Scott Schunter is 5th at 24 inches. Alan Wagler and Brent Oelrich are tied at 23 1/4. Andrea Wagler is 8th at 23 1/8 inches. At 9th and 10th we have a tie at 23 inches between Steve Blakstad and Dale Thompson. Take home Walleye limits are one over 20 inches and five under 20 inches. (6 total) There is no "slot size" for Walleyes on the Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes...and there is a LOT of 17-22 inchers. We tip our caps to efforts made over the years by the local Minnesota DNR.

Remember - for our fishing contest, which now has 12 years of records shown in every cabin, we close the mouth and squeeze the tail. We measure in one eighth inch increments.

Our big Crappie so far is 14 1/8 inches, landed by John Letendre. Steve Blakstad is 2nd at 13 3/4 inches. Anita Evans and Gary Morris are tied at 13 3/8 inches. We have a tie for 5th and 6th place at 12 5/8 inches between Jackie Brenke and Jacob Leytem. 7th place is 12 1/2 inches, also caught by Jacob Leytem.

Yesterday Ryan Haywood landed our big Largemouth Bass for 2019....a 19 3/4 inches. Pictures were taken as he released the fish off our docks. Our 2nd place Bass was caught by Willie Evans. His lunker measured 18 7/8 inches. Don Weaver is 3rd at 18 1/4 inches. Then we have a tie at 18 inches between Myron Knepp and Mark Woldruff. We also have a tie for 6th and 7th at 17 7/8 inches between Al Dalziel and Randall Wagler.

Steve Blakstad leads the Northern Pike category with a 30 incher. The rest of our top ten are 24 1/2 to 28 inches. Possession limit again this year is TEN Pike.....with the slot size (automatic release) being 22 to 26 inches. You can keep two over 26 inches and eight under 22 inches. Go to you tube and learn how to fillet a Pike, especially the "Y-Bones." Pike fillets are a delicious tender white flakey fish that if filleted and washed properly, make a great meal.

In our Bluegill/Sunfish/Pumpkinseed category we have a tie for first place at 9 7/8 inches between Steve Blakstad and Shane Leytem. Gary Morris is next at 9 3/4. Our Perch leader is Jacob Leytem at 12 1/8 inches. There's a tie at 11 1/2 inches between Kathy Thiele and John Jewitt. Our big Rock Bass so far for 2019 is 11 3/8 inches, caught by Jacob Leytem. Myron Knepp recently landed an 11 1/4. At 11 inches we have a tie between Willie Evans and Shane Leytem.

And just for fun we also have a Giant Bullhead category. Leading the way is Jackie Brenke with her lunker 13 5/8 incher! Shane Leytem is 2nd at 13 1/2 inches. We have a tie at 13 1/4 inches between Andrea Wagler and Myron Knepp.

Come to Oak Haven. Lot's of fishing opportunities, two warm heated swimming pools, litter free grounds, so much more. Join us.