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    We did our best (over the weekend) trying to dodge muddy tributaries and dealing with high winds for the EsoxFly guys. Friday evening we hunted walleye and bass for several hours and picked up a couple decent fish during a pretty tough post-frontal bite.

    Saturday was a mix of spin/Fly fishing for pike/muskies.......we did not see a toothy critter until the last 2 minutes of the day when Tad scored a little pike.

    Sunday was a "cross your fingers we can find some clean water" musky hunt. We only got 4.5 hours worth of fishing until the muddy water became too severe. No sightings of any Esox whatsoever.

    8 days of school left here in NY. Hopefully, there will be a bit more to post next weekend. If we could just get a consistent warming trend and maybe a week without so much rain, we could get the bite going again.

    Good Luck and stay tuned!
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