The weather has finally warmed up here in the Northland and the fishing is hot. Weeds have started and fish of all kinds are flocking to them to feed. Wood is also a good place to find them. Blue gills are on the beds, crappie still in shallow but starting to slow, walleyes are feeding heavy, bass moving in and muskies are on the prowl. A variety of bait and lures are working. Jig and minnow combos have been my best but crawlers have come into play. If you like lures and plastics now is the time to use them. Fish are very aggressive at the moment. We are on the verge of the bug hatch. I have been finding larvae in some walleyes so start searching the mud. We should see this activity keep up for a little while yet so now is the time to get out and have some fun. Gotta run, keep a tight line and good luck. Jeff