We chased toothy critters and did a little downsizing with the hopes of catching a big walleye or bass in the process. The first 3.5 hours were very productive but the rest of the day really slowed under the bright sun. Ronnie kicked off the morning with a super hot low-40's fish showing up late at boatside as he pulled his lure from the water. He tried to play catch up by re-entering the water with his bait and turning her around for another boatside visit but no dice. (10 seconds later, Ronnie admits he needs to remember proper fig-8 procedures.)

Then a big smallie (19-20") blasted a crankbait, we netted a small-ish pike and musky soon afterwards. After that, Ronnie hooked a nice musky that tried to tail-walk and threw the hooks 3.7 seconds later. 2 more follows/flash-offs an hour later and that would do it for our action.

Water temps only in the upper-50's but that will soon increase as the discharge rate will decrease over the next couple of days.

Good luck out there!