It is sad to see this type of behavior.

To all people, recently, the a.c.g.s. Was hacked and very negative comments were added to the a.c.g.s. Fishing posts on several fishing web sites, including face book.

These have been removed for the most, some are still being removed.

It is to made very clear that the a.c.g.s. Has not and would never make comments as those added to the fishing posts of the last 3 days.

The a.c.g.s. Represents hundreds of clients every 12 months from all walks of life and several different u.s. States including different countries.

The a.c.g.s. Is proud to represent so many and enjoys helping and teaching others about fishing. As all know, the a.c.g.s. Posts are for the people who want to learn about fishing.

God bless

john andrew