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    We launched the boat Sunday morning (in some super thick fog) hoping to score a musky or two. We had a few chances but ended up with a dry net at the end of the day. Steve had a nice fish flare up on a glide bait near the boat but she just wouldn’t eat and a second larger fish showed up an hour later but peeled off just before the first turn of the 8. I had a mid-30’s fish come in hot and late so I pulled my bait from the water at the last second hoping Steve could convert her but no such luck. As we began heading back North around 1:30, we noticed a huge mud line heading South from Warren which meant a storm had pounded the Warren area. The closer we got, the muddier things got so we decided to quit early.

    No fishing today. I decided to relax and enjoy some good eats with my family and pay tribute to our fallen Veterans.

    Good luck out there!
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