The past two days has seen a big improvement in the fishing action as most all species were very active and on a very good bite. On Monday, my two guests and I found numerous walleyes and pike, both shallow and deep. The big numbers of eyes came from deep (20) foot depths and the larger ones came from shallow weeds and wind blown shorelines. The pike were everywhere, both shallow and deep and were some nice size fish. Tuesday was a duplicate except the pike slowed down and jumbo perch took their place. My three guests and I found action on almost every spot we stopped, both deep and shallow, numerous eyes and several jumbo perch were caught during the day, bigger number of eyes came out of deep water again and the larger ones out of the shallows. Majority of jumbo's came from 16 ft depths over heavy wooded bottom, while some came from shallow weeds. Invasion jigs tipped with fatheads done the trick again. All in all, two great days with very happy guests.

No planned trip till Monday, much needed rest period.

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