We did a mixed bag this weekend chasing muskies on Saturday and walleye/trout on Sunday. Rory had his PB musky hooked and on its way to the net before the gator roll proved to be too much. Fish lost. I had a nice follow from a hot-ish fish and went into the first turn of the 8 but peeled off. There were no more musky sightings.

Sunday was a "let's give it a shot" with high river flows. We hunted walleye primarily and managed an upper-teens keeper and 2 very nice trout..........one of which was a fat 22" rainbow and the brown was a thick 22-23. It was the first rainbow over 20 we have netted in a couple of years. River levels were just a little too much for us to be effective with artificial presentations so we quit after 5 hours.

I will be on the water all 4 days of the upcoming holiday. River levels are scheduled for big reductions this week so, hopefully, we can have some semi-normal fishing conditions for a change.

Good Luck!