Sundays late afternoon trip started out with a bang if you were a smallmouth bass fisherman, my 3 guests and I started working shallow wind blown shorelines with Invasion jigs with mudminnows or fatheads and found several smallies, some very chunky ones at that in most of the spots we fished, we did manage one nice eye out of all the spots we fished and a few good size pike. Wasn't till the last spot we stopped that we found the eyes, some very nice ones at that, in 9 to 11 foot of water over a small stump field.

Mondays morning trip was almost a repeat of Sundays action as my 2 guests and I started out in the same spot that was hot the evening before and we hit a real nice eye right away but nothing after that, we then tried some shallow water humps and wooded shoreline and found just one nice pike. After bouncing around from spot to spot we finally located some nice eyes along with some hefty jumbo perch in 16 foot depths over heavy wood. Good way to end the morning trip.

Back out today, will keep you posted.

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