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Day 2

Continuing to fish current areas is working for us with the same clients. Even in our many, many smaller lakes some of them have creeks flowing into them and out. With the high water conditions reported currently on several lakes this spring, we are focusing on those lakes for our Walleye fishing.

Current is always a very strong focus for our spring fishing.Weather it is Flowage current, Dam current, River or other current.

On some big lakes with no creek or river current, everybody focuses on certain bars and they do produce Walleye but, this usually draws a crowd and I like to put my clients in areas and focus on locations, where the Walleye are biting without a crowd.

As my past post indicated, a jig and minnow is and will be the bait of choice, for us, for the next few weeks.

We all know of a current area some where in most of our lakes, go fish them, you might be surprised with the good results. Please, do not fish the shallow 1 or 2 ft of these current areas, fish the deeper pools of these current areas and that might only be 5 to 10 ft or deeper but, the Walleye might just be in that small deep pocket.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless

John Andrew