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Minnows, plastics and waxies are all working although, certain times of the day are better for each of the above mentioned baits. May is completely booked, openings in June and July.

Color seems to have played a big roll for our Perch fishing this ice season. We have been focusing on the Perch this entire ice season due to there fantastic size and quality table fare. The size dropped off on 1 lake we were guiding on so I switched to a new lake 12 days ago and got back onto more big Perch. Certain times of the day also matter for the best color pattern.

I purposely target fairly clear water lakes so my clients can see the hook and the fish as they strike the bait by using my underwater cameras. In the dark colored lakes a flasher is still required but, my clients learn more about hook color, technique, bottom content, line visibility, light changes and fish behavior in one day than most. No more spring tips or tiny bobbers.

The Crappie and Gill bite is still going strong on many, many lakes thru out Vilas County WI. but we are sticking with the Jumbo Perch and it has been a 5 star season, for us. My posts this ice season are few, due to traffic and wanting to keep these locations secure.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless

John Andrew