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Thread: A real eye opener.

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    Default A real eye opener.

    I just poached this post from another site regarding how far muskies will actually travel throughout the year. This is the most extreme examples I have ever heard about mainly due to the lack of studies being performed in the muskie world (when compared to other fish).

    Here is the excerpt:

    At one of our Muskies Inc. banquets recently, a Michigan DNR biologist was telling us about a tracking study he's doing on muskies in LSC. They tagged a male fish #007 (and so now they call him "James Bond") in the Spring, near the mouth of the Detroit R. at the S end of LSC.

    That year, they tracked James Bond down into Lake Erie, and all the way east to Buffalo, and then back to the mouth of the Detroit R the next Spring. That's gotta be over 500 mi round-trip.
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    Red, very cool stuff!. I think we are referring to the same person or at least presentation, I sat in on his presentation several weeks back during our chapter meeting.

    It was a very cool and educational slideshow presentation. The chipped fish of all species can be read at sensors all over the great lakes, but particularly in Lake Erie where they have greatest density of sensors.

    My takeaway from the presentation is that Lake Erie has a much larger muskie population (possibly transient) than its reputation gives it.

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