Big Muskie played the lead role in Oak Haven's 2018 Fishing Contest.

Bryan Feda broke our eleven year record (since 2008) when he landed his 52 inch Muskie last spring. Ryan Schwartz was here this fall and he conquered two big Muskie, a 48 1/2 incher and a 45 incher. Chris Pistone, part of the group Bryan Feda was in, landed a 48 inch Musky. Oak Haven seasonal camper Jim Kohl scored a 45 1/2 inch Musky. All five of these will enter our All-Time top ten. (Since 2008) Five additional Muskie between 39 and 44 inches (including young Dayton Mosher's 43 incher) were landed by Oak Haven guests in 2018. All of these Muskie were measured, photographed and released. Our top ten Muskie were 52 to 39 inches.

Reed Hoeppner landed (tied for) the biggest Largemouth Bass we've seen in eleven summers. His 21 1/4 was landed in June. (Remember, we close the mouth and squeeze the tail for all fish in our Fishing Contest.) Mark Woldruff was 2nd with his 20 1/4 incher. Al Dalziel took 3rd and 4th with his 19 3/8 and 19 1/8 inch Bass. Rick Martens finished 5th and 6th with his 19 1/8 and 18 3/4 inch Bass. Our top ten Bass were 21 1/4 to 18 1/4 inches.

Joe Hill won the Big Walleye Contest with the 28 incher he landed on June 1st. Monty Hoefflin finished 2nd with his 27 incher. Young Kamden Mosher landed a 26 inch Walleye and finished 3rd. Keven Larsen's 25 inch Walleye earned him 4th place for 2018. Owen Brummer landed a 24 3/4 and Jesse Hoefflin landed a 24 1/2. Our top ten Walleyes were 28 to 23 7/8 inches.

Justin Dexheimer won our Giant Crappie contest when he boated a 14 1/8 incher in September. (Mouth closed, tail squeezed) James Todeff took 2nd and 3rd with his 13 7/8 and 13 3/4 inch Crappies that he landed in August. Kathy Thiele was 4th with her 13 5/8 Crappie. Tim Treager landed a 13 1/2. 6th, 7th and 8th was a tie at 13 1/4 inches between young Joseph Mejia Meggitt, Kathy Thiele and Keven Larsen. Our top ten Crappies were 14 1/8 inches to 13 inches.

Matt Crispin won the Giant Perch Contest for 2018 with his 13 1/2 incher. Matt's Perch was the biggest in our Fishing Contest since 2008. Kolton Markley landed a 13 3/8, which not only finished 2nd this year, it's the 2nd biggest in our eleven year contest. Late September proved to be great for Giant Perch. Eight of our top ten for 2018 were landed the last week of September. Our top ten Perch were 13 1/2 to 12 3/8 inches.

Al Henkle won the Giant Pike contest with the sweet 40 incher he landed in July. He's having the monster wall mounted. Our top ten Pike were all between 40 and 30 1/8 inches. Several were released without measuring and didn't make it to our contest.

Logan Frye and Stan Besler tied for the Giant Bluegill Champion at 10 1/4 inches. Kathy Johanning, young Joseph Mejia Meggitt and Lily Juergens finished 3rd, 4th and 5th at 10 1/8 inches. Stan Besler and Mark Woldruff each caught a 10 inch Bluegill. Our top ten Bluegill were 10 1/4 inches to 9 3/4 inches.

Matt Crispin and Roger Hoeppner tied with the Giant Rock Bass title at 12 inches. Kathy Johanning and Kane Luensman were tied for 3rd and 4th at 11 5/8 inches. Young Jacob Mejia Meggitt landed an 11 inch Rock Bass. Our Top Ten Rock Bass were 12 to 11 inches.

Shall I mention the Bullhead and Dogfish/Bowfin finalists? OK, why not! Shannon Daub won the Giant Bullhead award when she landed her 14 1/4 incher in July. Conrad Johanning was 2nd at 13 1/2 inches. The big Bowfin/Dogfish of the year was landed by Mark Woldruff. His giant 29 incher edged Alan Pangelinan's 27 incher. Steve Houliston finished 3rd with his 26 incher.

Our Fishing Contest is just for fun. Some times new guests don't realize we have a fishing contest before they catch and release a big fish. That happens. The contest makes everyone realize - the next fish could be in the record book. We can tell you some great stories about kids (and adults!) being motivated by our fish until the final minutes of their final day here. On-going excitement at Oak Haven! Join us for some fun! Thanks.