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    The muskies kicked our butts yesterday. The fish seemed to be in ‘cold front mode’ due to the rapidly dropping water temps. It will likely be more of the same with this chilly front coming through....it will be a much different game plan today so we shall see if we can crack the code.

    Stay tuned.
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    No musky seen on Saturday. One 26" of the wrong esox on a 6" BPS speed shad when I was targeting walleye.

    Broke both trolling and gas motor during the outing and had to float back down river to the cabin. I hit a rock with the TM and must have flipped some type of breaker on my powerdrive and lost all power. I have no idea. Somehow it fixed itself overnight.

    The big motor had a bad connection leading to the starter harness which caused an arc and total loss of power. All fixed up and good to go and no money spent! Never happens that way...

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