Fishing action the past two weeks has not been the same as what we have seen during this same time period from past years. Terrible weather, high water, big time currents from rivers and creeks have really changed walleye patterns and have them scattered in all different depths and structures, will say that they are starting to relate a little more to deep rocks but not in any big numbers, same thing with deep river bends. My guests and I have been catching decent numbers of walleye with the majority being on the small side and also been getting some big slab crappie but they have been slowing down too. I have a few more trips to do before I winterize the boat, so I want to say thank you to all my guests who I had the opportunity to spend time with in the boat and had a great time sharing fishing stories and secrets, not to mention catching lots of fish.

God Bless and hope to hear from all of you again next season.

Don's Guide Service