The past few days has once again seen some pretty good all around fishing action, excluding smallies and pike which for some reason decided not to join the party. No real pattern to speak of for the walleye as we found action in both deep and shallow water, all over rocks or wood and once found were very aggressive. Not a fall pattern where they are schooled up but we are finding more than one here or one there, usually finding them in pairs but not all paired up size wise, but none the less good action. All the eyes came on weedless jigs tipped with either 1/2 crawlers or large fatheads. Panfish, crappies, bluegills, and jumbo perch are starting to stack up in decent numbers and are being taken on 1/32nd ounce round head jigs tipped with a small piece of crawler, medium fatheads, or Gulp and Trigger, both are killers for panfish this time of year. Finding most crappies suspended above cribs or submerged timber while perch and gills are relating close to bottom.

Next scheduled trip is Sept 16 so call now for a discount midweek fishing trip.

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