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Waxing Crescent


86° - 90° F

76° - 80° F


Another great family supporting Vilas County Wisconsin.

Chicago's Finest.

Today's fish were all suspended. No big ones today. Bobbers work, we were casting. Minnows produced the best and yes, color of our jig was very important. We caught several on "road worker and walker green" and other colors produced when our starting color failed to produce. We continued catching as the morning wore on.

Ok, I got it and thank you.

To all that ask, John, why do you guide so much for Crappie. Yes, I guide Walleye all summer long but that is for another discussion. Everyone knows about the Willow and Trout. This never has been a secret. There are select few others.

Well my answer is easy for Crappie. During July and August, the heat of the summer, as of now, they continue to bite during mid day despite water skiers, jet skies, tubers and all other boat traffic.

I do several seminars at several Sport Shows during the winter months describing and teaching about this event, which most fishermen do not focus on. "Very few" fisherman ever fished "mid day" July and August Crappie in Vilas County WI. until a few years ago and yes, some did and continue today.

A lot of people enjoy a fish fry and Crappie meat is very, very good table fare.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless John Andrew