I netted a fish or two for Andy and we saw a few more nice fish with 6 of them well over 45 and 2 of them in the 48-51 class. I had a fish show up waaaaaaaaay late when I was talking to Andy with my lure in the water (as I always do just for this situation),I turned back and looked at my lure and watched a very big fish swimming super slow down and away from my bait. (We could see down 13 feet in the clear water and about 4-5 in the cloudy areas that were mixed in.). That fish came from the clear so I got a long look at her.

We left a day early cuz the forecast was for flat, sunny and 90. That means flies and bugs attacking you viciously. After reading the reports midway thru the day, I am glad we did not attempt it. Quarts of blood were extracted and guys were quitting after 3 hours. (It was bad enough when the lake was rocking.)

A couple of days off then back at it Tuesday nite chasing big walleye and trout.

Stay tuned.