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    We hunted muskies via fly rod on Saturday and chased bass/walleye on Sunday......both were tough days. (We had a cold front move thru with rising river levels which dropped the river temps by 9 degrees in 2 days.)

    On Saturday, I raised one hot fish and pulled the lure at boatside hoping Jason could fire back on her with a little “bait and switch” with his fly but no such luck.

    Sunday....We put a couple decent bass, 1 legal walleye and Dick caught his first musky which was about 20”. We had a few short strikers after the sun hit the water. It was a textbook cold front day that pushed the bait deep in the weeds or in deeper pools of slow moving water. (Lower river surface temps were 75 on Tuesday and 66 by Thursday morning.) Air temps were 50 and 52 degrees on both mornings this past weekend!

    Taking some time off this week to hopefully get some “big rubber” stamina built up on Chautauqua with Andy before we head to St. Clair in 18 days.

    Stay tuned.
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