Dave and Dan from Fort Atkinson booked a morning trip for today on "The Rock". We launched from the State Park ramp by Buckhorn Bridge at 7 am. If anyone is wondering about the algae, it has started. We started the morning soaking dead rods and jigging in the timber, but the bite was slow so we trolled the remainder of the morning. When we brought the planer board to the boat you had to scrape the big gobs of algae off or you would have a mess in the boat. A lot of fish on Shad Raps, Flicker Shads, and Hornets. We finished with well over 25 "shorties", 2 "keepers", a bunch of white bass, some crappies, catfish, and sheep's head.

Keep a tight line!!!


A little shower popped up with a nice prism to show off.