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    Our first place Walleye was landed recently. Joe Hill was here with a great group of guys from Dixon, Illinois. He landed a 28 inch Walleye on a leech. The previous leader in this year's Oak Haven Fishing Contest was Monty Hoefflin. His 27 incher has been bumped into 2nd place.

    Since May 12, anglers have enjoyed good fishing while staying at Oak Haven. In our first 26 days of the 2018 season, our top ten Walleyes range from 22 to 28 inches. (Leader Joe Hill 28 inches) Top ten Pike are 23 to 30 inches. (Leader Jerry Jensen 30 inches) Our top ten Crappies are 12 3/4 inches to 13 1/2 inches. (Leader Tim Treager 13 1/2 inches) Largemouth Bass top ten are 16 7/8 inches to 20 1/4 inches. (Leader Mark Woldruff 20 1/4 inches) Rock Bass top ten are 10 to 11 5/8 inches. (Leader Kain Luensman 11 5/8 inches) Our top ten Perch are 9 1/2 to 13 inches. (Bob Hill leader at 13 inches) Our top ten Bluegills, which include Sunfish and Pumpkinseed, range from 9 1/2 to 10 1/4 inches. (Stan Besler is the leader at 10 1/4 inches) And finally our Giant Muskie contest this year is led by Bryan Feda at 52 inches (an Oak Haven record), followed by Chris Pistone at 48 inches, then Nancy Kohl is third with her 31 inch Musky.

    The weather has been up and down and the wind seems to come from all directions. Right now the ten day forecast calls for highs around 75-78 every day. The "Turtle Invasion at Oak Haven" has begun. We have counted ten snapping turtles laying their eggs on our property in the last two weeks. (Probably a dozen more that we didn't see) Still waiting for the large number of painted turtles that are expected very soon.

    Our two heated swimming pools open in a couple of days. We know a lot of people are excited about that!

    Guests are enjoying seeing nesting loons on the river channels that connect this awesome nine lake chain. Boaters are reminded that the boat speed law here is "No Wake - while making no wake, boats are allowed to go up to 5 mph". When approaching docks, slow down, look for children on canoes, kayaks and pedal boats. Boat safety 101. There's no need to go fast. Toss out a lure and troll through the river. You might land a monster musky! (It happens!) Enjoy the scenery. Eagles and Pelicans are being seen by our guests too. Fun at Oak Haven!

    We hope you will join our ever growing list of happy guests. A lady at the counter yesterday called our resort "a hidden jewel." Nice!

    Thank You.
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