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Waning Gibbous


51° - 55° F

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All fish were caught on minnows today, a very slow retrieve was needed or we did not get a bite. All casting or drifting. Both trolling motors were burning all day long working against the wind to slow us down.

Rained all day long except maybe, for 1 1/2 hours. Sunny is (as of now) forecast for the next 2 days.

All water temps on all lakes (up here) have dropped dramatically the last 3 days and will drop again tonight. They will gradually rebound as it is to warm up starting Thursday and 80 on Saturday, as of now, is forecast. This normally changes, as we all know.

We did see a couple guys fly fishing the shore lines and they were picking up some Gills and they also were in the rain for a few hours, fly fishing in the rain, good job guys, awesome to see the sport in a different perspective.

These 2 guys that I was with again today, as well as 2 days ago, are the best. I never laughed so much and joked around so much since I was in high school. Loved all there story's from the years past, including a few of my own. I am sure you may be "contacted" to share our conversations. Iron Workers from Kansas City, awesome job guys. Can't wait until next season.

Call me any time for any info. My # is below.

My clients are enjoying the happiness of the north during this time of year, as many, many other fishermen are also doing. Everyone involved is supporting our communities and business’s.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless
John Andrew