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Waning Gibbous


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Daily Fishing News
With John Andrew


A "special thank you" to all readers.

On this day, we again produced multiple Large Smallmouth Bass. All fish were caught on Jigs. All fish were in 3 to 7 ft of water.

The fish pictured below and all fish caught the last 4 days are released back to the exact location, where they were hooked.

Plastics work well, live bait is an option but, it needs to be noted as mentioned above, when landing these Giants at this time of year "we all" need to release these fish exactly where they were originally hooked.

Please, do not release them "where ever" your boat ends up after landing them. Put the Bass back into your landing net, keep the fish in the water and go back to where you hooked the fish and release it right there.

Call me any time for any info. My # is below.

My clients are enjoying the happiness of the north during this time of year, as many, many other fishermen are also doing. Everyone involved is supporting our communities and business’s.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless
John Andrew