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Another fantastic family enjoying the Beautiful Turtle Flowage.
Yesterday we fished Vilas County, today we were on the T.F.F.

These clients caught countless Gills today on Bastine, some by the dock you see in the background from the photos below. Also, several other shore line areas of the T.F.F. All fish were in 1 to 3 ft of water regardless of where "we fished".

The beds we could see produced the males but, we did catch many, many Gills from the 3 ft range where we could not see any beds.

As usual, with this great holiday, a lot of boats were out on the T.F.F.

All fish were spawned out and all male fish were caught today around there beds. Every body is catching some thing on the Flowage. We saw several other boats producing fish today.

All fish were on plastics "for us" and the water temp "where we were fishing" was 71, remember, that's the first 10 inches of water. Any bright colored plastic produced, tiny jigs and a slow retrieve and bang.

It should be noted as the water temps are going to rise very, very fast the next 4 days and all next week that, all fishing will change a little, with the hot surface water temps that are going to arrive. As reported above, this will only be in the top 10 inches and down to about 2 ft. of water.

Call me any time for any info. My # is below.

My clients are enjoying the happiness of the north during this time of year, as many, many other fishermen are also doing. Everyone involved is supporting our communities and business’s.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless
John Andrew