The past two trips out has seen some very hot weather and a fairly good fishing action. Wednesday, with a group of 5 guests, 3 in my boat and two in a tag boat, we found most of our action in the deeper water, 12 to 16 foot over wood using Reeves weedless jigs tipped with mostly large fatheads and some action on 1/2 crawlers. Not a big number day, but we did manage to put 10 eyes and some nice jumbo perch in the well. Sunday was a repeat as far as the weather goes, very warm temps and no wind, but the action did pick up from what it was on Wednesday. Using Reeves weedless jigs tipped with either large fatheads or 1/2 crawler, my two guests and I found a good number of eyes and a nice mess of big jumbo perch as we worked all areas with lots of submerged wood, depths ranging from 6 to 16 foot. Released a good number of eyes and did put 8 nice ones in the well along with the perch. Most all fish came on 1/2 crawlers.

Back out for a few more trips this week, will keep you posted.

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