May has been quite exciting as a variety of nice fish have been landed by Oak Haven guests.

Our biggest Walleye was 27 inches, landed by Monty Hoefflin. His son Jesse landed the next two biggest at 24 1/2 and 24 inches. All of those were released alive. In our fishing contest, our top ten Walleyes range from 21 to 27 inches. Big Crappie honors go to Tim Treager. His 13 1/2 incher tops our charts for now. Tim also landed two 13 inch Crappies. Mark Woldruff and Don Weaver each also landed a 13 incher. Our top ten Crappies range from 12 3/8 inches to 13 1/2 inches. Fish for our contest are measured with the mouth closed and the tail squeezed.

Mark Woldruff is our big bass leader. His 20 1/4 incher tops our charts. Mark also landed the second place LM Bass, an 18 1/2 incher. Mark Beltz is third at 18 3/8 inches. Don Weaver 4th at 17 1/2. Our top ten Largemouth Bass range from 16 7/8 to 20 1/4. All of these fish were released alive. Our Rock Bass leader is Mark Beltz. Mark landed two at 9 1/8 and two at 9 inches. Our biggest Pike was 30 inches, landed by Jerry Jensen. Paul Ballard is 2nd at 29 inches. These fish were released alive.

In the Perch category, Mark Beltz has the lead with a 10 1/2 incher. Steve Houliston is second at 9 3/4. We expect to see a lot more bigger Perch in the very near future. Mark Woldruff knocked down our biggest Bluegill so far, a 10 incher. Our top ten Bluegills range from 8 1/2 inches to 10 inches. Bigger gills are expected later this summer.

All of these fish were landed in our first couple of weeks of 2018, starting on May 12.

Enjoy fishing Cass Lake, Lake Andrusia, Big Wolf Lake and six other lakes when you stay at Oak Haven. You'll enjoy a reserved docking space. All cabins have air conditioning.

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