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First Quarter

Partly Sunny

61° - 65° F

56° - 60° F


Started out sunny and then turned cloudy in the afternoon and a little cooler as the sun went away. Our pics were taken before it cooled off. A a south wind is continuing. Rain is in the forecast and is coming this week.

These guys enjoyed the beauty of the T.F.F. and caught Walleye from 8 AM to 4 PM. It did not mater the color of our jig, today. Put it down and Bang! We did get some smaller Walleye on bobbers but, "bobbers are good" and do "produce very well", in certain areas, for us. A simple jig and minnow is what we used today (along with some trolling) and we did well.

The Walleye are moving into different locations and some spots are good today and not the next. We also find that some areas that were not good yesterday but, are good today. One thing that is very important “to us” is, slow is very good for the presentation.

Trolling was also used and did produce 3 Walleye and yes, they were the best sized fish. Color does matter for trolling, “for us”. This is an under utilized technique on the T.F.F. and yes, a few people troll but, very few. This works and should be experimented with for a good change of pace if nothing else.

My clients are enjoying the happiness of the north during this time of year, as many, many other fishermen are also doing. Everyone involved is supporting our communities and there business’s.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless
John Andrew