Walleye action the past couple of days has been like the weather, unpredictable. Sunday's action was a little on the slow side as NE winds had the eyes holding tight to the bottom in 6 to 8 feet of water over stumpy humps and older weed patches. Using either Reeves or Invasion weedless jigs tipped with either large fatheads or 1/2 crawler, my guest and I found active eyes along with some nice jumbo perch and pike relating to these areas and fairly aggressive considering the weather, nice stringer of fish at the end of our half day trip. Doing another half day trip on Monday, my guests and I faced calm conditions with a little breeze here and there but the fish were biting. Starting our day in 12 to 16 foot of water over submerged wood, we found active fish right from the beginning as one guest boated a nice eye on his very first cast on a Reeves weedless jig tipped with a large fathead. Working areas like this during the morning hours produced some very nice eyes along with a hefty pike and several other throwback hammer handles.

Back out on Wednesday, will keep you posted.

Don's Guide Service