Saturdays and Sundays walleye action was about as different as day and night. Saturday for example, my 2 guests and I spent the day with ESE winds and found the action to be very good. We found active eyes in 4 of water over weeds/wood bottom and also found several others in 10 foot over submerged wood with hard bottom. Invasion jigs tipped with large fatheads were the ticket for a live well with 9 very nice eyes as well as all the others that were released including 3 over 18 inches that hadn't finished spawning yet. Sunday was a different story, doing a late afternoon trip, my 2 guests and I started out where I had left off on Saturday and found instant action, but the majority of the eyes were in the 12 to 13 inch range and were released, we did manage a couple of keepers so it wasn't a blank. As the winds switched to the SW, we made a move to what we call Old Faithfull with this wind direction only to find one big pike. We fished a few more spots and did manage to find a couple more keepers and that was it for the day.

Day off today to do some boat seat and trailer light repair.

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