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    We chased a mixed bag on Saturday looking for the Cinco-slam (trout, bass, walleye, pike and musky). We managed 4 of the 5 but narrowly missed the trout category.....grinded out a decent day with 13 big smallies (3 over 4 pounds), 3 post spawn walleye (all over 20"), a few smallish pike and 1 smallish musky.

    Sunday was a bucket list musky hunt. After 6 hours of zero follows, we decided to pack it in early. The musky areas we fished were most likey in a spawn/post-spawn mode based on water temps and lack of activity.

    Hope the rest of you had successful and fun weekend!
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    That Cinco-slam sounds like a fun trip.

    Got a chance to take a buddy who had never caught a Musky before out chasing Tigers. Over the couple of days that we got to fish, we had just about every weather system come thru. LOL From warm and humid with nasty winds, to a cool rain yesterday. I told him that Mother Nature wanted to make sure he had what it takes to chase these fish, so she put us thru the ringer. Anyhow, he was rewarded with his first Tiger. A very nice mid to upper 30s fish and missed a chance at another nice one. Overall, we ended up going 2.5 for 4 over out time fishing. The 0.5 is for the fish that I had almost to the boat but ended up with the fly breaking in half before being able to get it in the net. It sucks that a hook is still potentially in that fishes mouth, but not much we could do. We did end up catching another very close to that spot that could have been the same fish but we'll never know.

    Anyhow, it was a great trip, and always a blast seeing someone catch their first Musky. He was psyched and we are already trying to get another trip setup. Also, I had him casting regular spinning gear. Not sure he would want to get involved in the abuse that is Flyfishing for Musky. LOL

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