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    We chased musky yesterday but only saw a few pike and no eaters. Forecast said cloudy but it was all sun for most of the morning/afternoon. The river temps are warming up a little, finally.

    I have been noticing several fish “surfacing” over the past couple of weeks and most looked like trout or bass from a distance. I finally got to see a couple of those “surfacers” up close yesterday and they were suckers with lampreys attached. They appeared to be trying to shake the lampreys off their head/gill area. As they broke the surface, they would roll and expose the lamprey side of their body to the air. Not sure exactly what was happening but I do not remember seeing this many suckers with lampreys before.
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    I chased fish on Saturday and Sunday. SO MUCH WIND! The river had whitecaps on it. At times the trolling motor at full thrust was not enough to pull us down river. I figured the fishing gods would reward me for my efforts. haha! Sadly, no. I did have a 40ish fish come up to inspect a shallow Red October at boat side. No other living fish to be seen. Did find a very freshly dead 34" pike at our dock. Very fat fish. Still had lampreys on it. No signs it was caught or anything. I dragged it up on bank for an eagle feast. Here is my Dad holding it.

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