Spring is coming soon everyone, I promise.

Prior to the last couple of years, normal "ice out" was around April 26th. Last year the ice went out on April 10th. The year before on April 18th. We all remember just a few years ago when the lakes here were "iced in" on opening day of the Walleye Season. Most other resorts could not push their docks from the shore or use their boat ramp. Oak Haven has permanent docks. More boaters wanted to launch here than we had parking space for. Many were turned away.

Ice on the lakes is never a concern when you book a cabin at Oak Haven.

Right now we have 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground and there's still lots of ice on the lakes. And we have a winter storm warning here starting around 9 PM tonight. April 1st should begin with another 4-12 inches of snow.

Why worry about ice on the lakes? Book your fishing trip where there's open water. The Walleye spawn happens here. Oak Haven Resort.

Thank You.